The following people, with the support of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, have made the CMIP5 Community Storage Sever possible.

Development, Administration, & Support

For questions or comments related to technical support or ongoing development, please contact:

Alexander K. Ekholm
Engineer I
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 4930


Direct Contributors

Special thanks goes out to the following people for their direct and continued contributions to the CMIP5 Community Storage Project.

Caroline Ummenhofer
Caroline Ummenhofer
Assistant Scientist
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 2507
Ivan D. Lima
Ivan D. Lima
Research Specialist
Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Office Phone: +1 508 289 3659
Steven R. Jayne
Steven R. Jayne
Senior Scientist
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 3520
Young-Oh Kwon
Young-Oh Kwon
Associate Scientist
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 2901
Fax: +1 508 457 2181


Additional Contributors

Additional thanks goes out to all other WHOI personnel, of various departments and disciplines, who have been engaged in discussion or supported the development of the CMIP5 Community Storage Server Project.

Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering: 

  • Dennis McGillicuddy
  • Ted Maksym


  • Rubao Ji
  • Stephanie Jenouvrier

Computer and Information Services:

  • Art Gaylord
  • Randal N. Manchester


  • Laurence P. Madin

Geology & Geophysics: 

  • Jessica Tierney
  • Kevin Anchukaitis

Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry: 

  • Scott Doney
  • David Glover

Physical Oceanography:

  • Carol Anne Clayson
  • Jake Gebbie
  • Hyodae Seo

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