Data Access Methods

This page describes data access methods for the WHOI CMIP5 community storage server. This is an evolving project, and as such, this page shall be updated as new accesses methods become available.

There are currently two ways to access the CMIP5 data. Establishing an NFS mount allows one to access the data directly on the server without needing to download or transfer the (large) files to one’s own local computer. Data files are effectively accessible as though they are stored on your local machine. For example, after mounting, one can point a MATLAB session running on a local workstation to the location of the data file(s) on the WHOI CMIP5 storage server and read in the data.

Alternatively, one may download/transfer files from the WHOI CMIP5 storage server via FTP using command line, a GUI client, or a web browser. This allows allow faster read speeds and the ability to modify data files if desired, at the cost of local storage overhead.

Advanced Dataset Search

The easiest way to find the files you’re looking for is to use the CMIP5 Community Storage Server – Advanced Dataset Search page. This page provides free-text and faceted search functionality of all available data files and a dynamic, paginated result table. FTP and HTTP links to the data files are provided in the result table to allow users to download files of interest directly from the search page. For more information on how to use the search page, see the Advanced Dataset Search: User Manual.

CMIP5 Community Storage Server – Advanced Dataset Search Page

CMIP5 Community Storage Server – Advanced Dataset Search Page

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP provides the ability for users to copy or transfer data files to a local machine. Coping files to a local machine has some advantages, namely faster read speeds and the ability to modify data files if desired. However, this comes at the cost of local storage overhead.

Like the network share, he FTP server also allows anonymous read only access to the /data directory. It is accessible via command-line, FTP client, or web browser on the WHOI network.

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Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

HTTP links to CMIP5 data files are provided at The dataset file hierarchy may be navigated using a web browser and files can be downloaded directly from the links provided.

Network File System (NFS) Mount

Mounting a network drive allows users to access data files as though they were stored on a local machine without actually consuming any local storage. For most users, this is the most useful interface for data access.

  • hostname: \\\
  • sharename: data
  • domain: WORKGROUP

The share is hosted by a samba server, and allows users to mount anonymously with read-only access. The network share is only accessible via the local WHOI network or VPN.

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