Monthly Archives: February 2015

Presentations from the January 21st Informational Session

The following presentations were used as part of the  January 21st CMIP5 Informational Session. The first four presentations provide examples of how CMIP5 data is used in research projects within the institution. The final presentation provides some updates about the usage and history of the CMIP5 server, available datum, and method of accessing those datum from the WHOI CMIP5 server.

Centennial Scale Changes in Global Water Cycle in CMIP5 (PDF) – Levang, Sam; Schmitt, Ray

Palagic Seascape Ecology and CMIP5: Characterizing the Trajectory of Dynamic Ocean Habitats (PDF) – Kavanaugh, Maria T.

Using the WHOI CMIP5 Archive to Understand Paleoclimate Dynamics (PDF) – Anchukaitis, Kevin; Fleming, Laura

Is the Climate Homogeneous at IPCC Class Models’ Resolution (PDF) – Jenouvrier, Stephanie; presented by Karnauskas, Kristopher

CMIP5 Data Updates & Info (PDF) – Ummenhofer, Caroline