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Select MRI-CGCM3, CSIRO-Mk3L-1-2, & HadCM3 Datasets Added for the “Past Millennium” Experimnet

The following datasets have been added by request of K. Anchukaitis. These downloads are currently in progress and should be available shortly.

pmip3.output.UOED.HadCM3.past1000.mon.atmos.Amon.r1i1p1.v20130313| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search | download script)

pmip3.output.UNSW.CSIRO-Mk3L-1-2.past1000.mon.atmos.Amon.r1i1p1.v20120307| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search | download script)

cmip5.output1.MRI.MRI-CGCM3.past1000.mon.atmos.Amon.r1i1p1.v20140306| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search | download script)

cmip5.output1.MRI.MRI-CGCM3.past1000.mon.ocean.Omon.r1i1p1.v20140306| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search |  download script)

Daily Precipitation and Surface Temperature Data to be Added for Historical and RCP 8.5 Experiments.

By popular request, daily 2D precipitation and surface temperature data are soon to be added for both the Historical and RCP 8.5 experiments. These datum will be comprise the first daily time frequency data to be provided by the CMIP5 Community Storage Server. Stay tuned for more updates on the availability of this data.

Statistics Page Added

A Statistics page has been added in which I have used Google’s JavaScript Visualization API to render some interactive plots and charts illustrating sever usage statistics and dataset distribution and characteristics.

Dowloading & Storage

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Downloads Temporarily Halted!

CMIP5 dataset downloads are temporarily halted as the wget scripts are failing to retrieve ESGF certificates used to verify the identity of the host data nodes. These certificates expire and must be refreshed periodically, which requires that I manually provide the login credentials for my openID. However, the server hosting my openID ( is down, and consequently the certificates cannot be retrieved.

Hopefully, this a temporary issue. I will continue to check the status of the openID provider periodically.


UPDATE (10/29 08:35): Other data nodes are still up (e.g. DKRZ), but the MyProxyLogon is redirected to (which is down) from each data node.

UPDATE (10/30 17:45): The error causing the wget scripts to fail is shown below.