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Presentations from September Workshop on Climate Model-Based Research at WHOI

The “Workshop on Climate Model-Based Research at WHOI”, hosted on September 8th, 2016, in Clark 507. The full schedule of presentations can be found here, and the presentations and posters are available for download below.

Presentations from the workshop:

  • Caroline Ummenhofer (PO) – “Introduction to CMIP5, CMIP6, and the WHOI server” (PDF|PPTX)
  • Scott Doney (MC&G) – “Ocean Carbon Cycle & Biogeochemistry” (PDF)
  • Hyodae Seo (PO) – “Coupled impacts of the diurnal cycle of SST on the MJO”
  • Tom deCarlo (G&G) – “Climate modulates internal wave activity in the northern South China Sea” (PDF|PPTX)
  • James Bramante – (G&G) “Do CMIP5 models capture storm variability in the WNP over the last millennium?” (PDF|PPTX)
  • Laura Fleming (PO) – “North Pacific decadal variability in the CMIP5 last millennium simulations” (PDF)
  • Young-Oh Kwon (PO) – “Winter surface storm tracks in the CMIP5 models” (PDF|PPTX)

Posters from the Workshop:

  • Caroline Ummenhofer (PO) – “Late Holocene dynamics of the Indo-Pacific tropical rain belt”
  • Elizabeth Wallace (G&G) – “Using GISS-E2-R model output to assess the relationship between the Atlantic Meridional Mode (AMM) and paleohurricane activity in the Bahamas”
  • Young-Oh Kwon (PO) – “North Atlantic Oscillation, jet, and blocking in CESM1 Large Ensemble Simulations” (PDF)
  • Jennie Rheuban/Ivan Lima (MC&G) – “Developing a model for the US Sea Scallop fishery that incorporates ocean acidification and warming” (PDF)

Presentations from the January 2015 workshop can be found here.

Select MRI-CGCM3, CSIRO-Mk3L-1-2, & HadCM3 Datasets Added for the “Past Millennium” Experimnet

The following datasets have been added by request of K. Anchukaitis. These downloads are currently in progress and should be available shortly.

pmip3.output.UOED.HadCM3.past1000.mon.atmos.Amon.r1i1p1.v20130313| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search | download script)

pmip3.output.UNSW.CSIRO-Mk3L-1-2.past1000.mon.atmos.Amon.r1i1p1.v20120307| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search | download script)

cmip5.output1.MRI.MRI-CGCM3.past1000.mon.atmos.Amon.r1i1p1.v20140306| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search | download script)

cmip5.output1.MRI.MRI-CGCM3.past1000.mon.ocean.Omon.r1i1p1.v20140306| (ESGF Metadata | ESGF search |  download script)

About People Page Added

The About – People page has been add to recognize the people who, with the support of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, have made the CMIP5 Community Storage Sever possible…

Development, Administration, & Support

For questions or comments related to technical support or ongoing development, please contact:

Alexander K. Ekholm
Engineer I
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 4930


Direct Contributors

Special thanks goes out to the following people for their direct and continued contributions to the CMIP5 Community Storage Project.

Caroline Ummenhofer
Caroline Ummenhofer
Assistant Scientist
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 2507
Ivan D. Lima
Ivan D. Lima
Research Specialist
Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
Office Phone: +1 508 289 3659
Kristopher Karnauskas
Kristopher Karnauskas
Associate Scientist
Geology & Geophysics
Office Phone: +1 508 289 3320
Steven R. Jayne
Steven R. Jayne
Senior Scientist
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 3520
Young-Oh Kwon
Young-Oh Kwon
Associate Scientist
Physical Oceanography
Office Phone: +1 508 289 2901
Fax: +1 508 457 2181


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