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Data Citation & Acknowledgements Page Added

If you acquire model output data via the WHOI CMIP5 Community Storage Server, we ask that you acknowledge us in the use of your data. This may be done by including the following text in any documents or publications using these data.

CMIP5 model output data provided by the WHOI CMIP5 Community Storage Server, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, USA from their website at (WHOI internal use only).

We would also appreciate receiving a copy of the relevant publications. This will help to justify continued support and future development of the WHOI CMIP5 Community Storage Server. Thank you!

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FAQ Page Added

In what format is CMIP5 data providedAll datum are provided, unmodified, in their native format, NetCDF (Network Common Data Format). NetCDF is a set of software libraries and self-describing, machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of array-oriented scientific data. For more information on NetCDF, please visit:

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Advanced Dataset Search Documentation Added

The easiest way to find the files you’re looking for is to use the CMIP5 Community Storage Server – Advanced Dataset Search page. This page provides free-text and faceted search functionality of all available data files and a dynamic, paginated result table. FTP and HTTP links to the data files are provided in the result table to allow users to download files of interest directly from the search page. Additionally, the result set – including paths and file names – may be downloaded in a variety of different formats including CSV, JSON, PHP, Python, and XML.

For more information on how to use the search page, see the Advanced Dataset Search: User Manual.

Advance Dataset Search Documentation

Advance Dataset Search Documentation

Statistics Page Added

A Statistics page has been added in which I have used Google’s JavaScript Visualization API to render some interactive plots and charts illustrating sever usage statistics and dataset distribution and characteristics.

Dowloading & Storage

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Downloads Temporarily Halted!

CMIP5 dataset downloads are temporarily halted as the wget scripts are failing to retrieve ESGF certificates used to verify the identity of the host data nodes. These certificates expire and must be refreshed periodically, which requires that I manually provide the login credentials for my openID. However, the server hosting my openID ( is down, and consequently the certificates cannot be retrieved.

Hopefully, this a temporary issue. I will continue to check the status of the openID provider periodically.


UPDATE (10/29 08:35): Other data nodes are still up (e.g. DKRZ), but the MyProxyLogon is redirected to (which is down) from each data node.

UPDATE (10/30 17:45): The error causing the wget scripts to fail is shown below.